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Saints Row 2 Casino Map - 160; ^ Ahearn, Nate (April 3, 2008)

The 3 Count Casino is an enterable building in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV. Located in the center of the neighborhood Port Pryor, in the district of Carver Island in Steelport, the 3 Count Casino is one of the largest casinos in the city, and is featured in the mission "3 Count Beat Down". All Hitman Location - Saints Row 2 Message Board for... -… Saints Row District Hitman: - APOOP: Killed him by accident but a friend of mine just waited at the Night Club in the Barrio District (like the description says) and he showed up. - LARRY: I have a female character, yet I just walked into an "On The Rag" Store and bought Men's Tank Top 3... Tag Locations - Saints Row 2 Guide Saint's Row 2 Guide. Tag Locations.Refer to the map for the general location of each tag, but use the text descriptions to pinpoint the collectible if necessary.At the north end of the casino’s west wall. Saints Row 2 Walkthrough, FAQ, Hints, Cheats - Cheatbook

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Though gambling is absent from Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, there are casinos and gambling machines in Steelport. There are slot machines at Angel's Gym, 3 Count Casino, and a Gang Operation near the Rim Jobs in Sunset Park, and like Saints Row 2 gambling machines drop cash when destroyed.

Saint's Row 2 Guide Hitman. There are five lists of hitman targets in Stilwater. There are six targets per list, and each listing contains their location and details on how to make them appear. If for some reason the target disappears after appearing, or a rival hitman gets to them first, just repeat the requirement to trigger them again.